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International Space Weather Initiative

International Space Weather Initiative

The program International Heliophysical Year will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the IGY. IHY is one of the four Earth related activities that will participate to this anniversary together with International Polar Year, Electronic Geophysical Year, and International Year of Planet Earth.

The main goals of IHY program are two folds:
- Coordinating some specific scientific activities (observing campaigns, data sharing, meetings) that require cross-disciplinary studies
- Awaring of students and large public about the recent progress on these activities through conferences, exhibitions etc ...

The International Heliophysical Year (IHY) expands the frontier of the IGY to the boundary of the heliosphere with a focus on fundamental processes. Five themes are of great interest for IHY science:
Theme 1: Evolution and Generation of Magnetic Structures and Transients
Theme 2: Energy Transfer and Coupling Processes
Theme 3: Flows and Circulations
Theme 4: Boundaries and Interfaces
Theme 5: Synoptic Studies of the 3-D Coupled Solar-Planetary-Heliospheric System

IHY Korea presents here projects connected to this celebration and to further researches, events and people involved.
IHY 2007 Working Group in Korea
Dr. Young-Deuk Park (KASI)

Working Group 1: Sun and Heliosphere
Dr. Yong-Jae Moon (KHU) - Leader
Dr. Su-Chan Bong (KASI)
Dr. Jongchul Chae (SNU)
Dr. Kyung-Suk Cho (KASI)
Dr. Gwang-Son Choe (KHU)
Dr. Yeon-Han Kim (KASI)
Dr. Sungsoo S. Kim (KHU)
Dr. Su Yeon Oh (CNU)
Dr. Young-Deuk Park (KASI)
Dr. Yu Yi (CNU)
Ms. Jin-Yi Lee (Kyung Hee Univ.)

Working Group 2: Magnetosphere and Ionosphere
Dr. Dae-Young Lee (CBNU) - Leader
Dr. Byhng-Ho Ahn (KNU)
Dr. Jung-A Hwang (KASI)
Dr. Khan-Hyuk Kim (KASI)
Dr. Yong Ha Kim (CNU)
Dr. Young-Sil Kwak (KASI)
Dr. Dong-Hun Lee (KHU)
Dr. Sang-Woo Lee (SELab)
Dr. Mutaek Lim (KIGAM)
Dr. Kyung Wook Min (KAIST)
Dr. Kyung Sun Park (CNU)
Dr. Sun Mie Park (Korea Science Academy)
Mr. Seung Jun Oh (SELab)
Ms. Yoon Kyung Park (KNU)
Mr. Yoo Sun Pyo (RRL)

Working Group 3: Space Weather Modeling
Dr. Gwang-Son Choe (KHU) - Leader
Dr. Kyung-Suk Cho (KASI)
Dr. Hee-Jeong Kim (KHU)
Dr. Sungsoo S. Kim (KHU)
Dr. Young-Sil Kwak (KASI)
Dr. Yong-Jae Moon (KASI)
Dr. Kyung Sun Park (CNU)
Ms. Rok-Soon Kim (KASI, CNU)

Working Group 4: Data and Public Outreach
Dr. Yeon-Han Kim (KASI) - Leader
Dr. Sang Woo Lee (SELab)
Ms. Ji-Hye Baek (KASI)
Mr. Seonghwan Choi (KASI)
Mr. Seung Jun Oh (SELab)

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