International Space Weather Initiative
in Korea

About IHY
IHY builds on the successes of the International Geophysical Year and the previous International Polar Years. We now extend our global studies out into the Heliosphere and incorporate the drivers of geophysical change into the global system. As we approach the "new frontier" of the heliopause and interstellar space, our heritage clearly extends back to previous International Years:
About IHY

IHY Objectives:
1. Develop the basic science of heliophysics through cross-disciplinary studies of universal processes.
2. Determine the response of terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres to external drivers.
3. Promote research on the Sun-heliosphere system outward to the local interstellar medium - the new frontier.
4. Foster international scientific cooperation in the study of heliophysical phenomena now and in the future.
5. Preserve the history and legacy of the IGY on its 50th Anniversary.
6. Communicate unique IHY results to the scientific community and the general public.


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