International Space Weather Initiative
in Korea

IHY History
Preserving Our History and Heritage
An important part of the 2007 activities will be preserving the history and memory of IGY 1957. The "IGY Gold" History initiative has several goals:

1. identifying and recognizing planners of and participants in the first IGY
2. preserving memoirs, articles, photographs, and all items of historical significance for the IGY
3. making these items available to historians, researchers, etc.
4. serving as a contact service for these activities
5. spreading awareness of the history of geophysics, and planning special events and "reunions."

The IGY "Gold" Club
The IGY "Gold" Club identifies participants from the first IGY (gold symbolizing the 50th anniversary). To join the Gold Club, you must meet three requirements:
1. You must have been a participant in the first IGY
2. You must contribute an item of historical significance to the initiative. It can be a letter, a recollection, an article, a photograph, etc.
3. You must be willing to have that item made publicly available to historians, librarians, and other people interested in investigating and preserving the history of geophysics.

"Gold club" participants will be rewarded with a special "IGY Gold Anniversary" certificate of recognition (Click here for example) from the IUGG and a special commemorative "IGY Gold" lapel pin.

The "IGY Gold" commemorative lapel pin has been specially designed for the 50th anniversary of IGY, and only members of the IGY Gold club will be issued this pin.

IGY Gold Club membership is growing! If you have questions or suggestions please contact us. If you have an old box of items in your attic, please contact us and we'll gladly arrange for shipping and duplicating!

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