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Get Involved in IHY!
There are many opportunities to get involved in IHY. We are currently undertaking a series of exercises to plan and prepare for 2007. Now is the time!
Getting Started in Four Easy Steps
1. If you are interested in IHY and would like to be kept informed of our activities, status, and general IHY information, please sign on for the IHY email list. As part of the list, you will receive the IHY newsletter as well as regular IHY email updates keeping you up to date with the latest news! To subscribe to the IHY Newsletter Mailing List, please send us an email with your address and "subscribe ihy-newsletter" in the body of the message (not in the subject line).

2. A list of all of our events and activities is maintained on the IHY Events Page. There are many opportunities in the near future to attend an IHY Town Meeting, Information Session, or Planning Workshop. Keep checking the page for updates, and be sure to let us know of your IHY activities!

3. Contact your Nation's Coordinator to express your interest in participating in local IHY activities. If your nation does not yet have an IHY program, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

4. Browse through the rest of this page to learn of more exciting opportunities to be involved in IHY!
Science Planning Activities
Planning workshops and team activities are in progress. The IHY Events Calendar maintains a list of all IHY planning events and coordination meetings. If you have an idea or suggestion for scientific research or activities to be performed during IHY.

The IHY "For Scientists" Page contains more information about science planning activities.
Science Working Groups are currently being formed, and the IHY Campaign Coordination Working Group has begun the planning of the IHY Campaign Database. Please indicate your interest in participating in these activities. A discussion of IHY's science topics can be found in the Science Section of this site.

There are many IHY Special Sessions at international scientific meetings. You can participate in most of these sessions by submitting an abstract for a presentation. We are seeking coordinators for future Special Sessions.

Help spread the word by encouraging your colleagues to participate in IHY! You can serve as an IHY Contact at an upcoming meeting or host an IHY information session. Please contact us if you would like supporting materials and information, and please be sure to let us know of your activities so we can list them on the IHY Events Page.
National Coordinators and Regional Activities
To learn about activities in your local area, please review these sources of information:

Coordinators and Organizing Committees for each International Region and Nations with IHY Programs Web pages for all IHY International and Regional Activities
Upcoming regional planning events are available from the IHY Events Page.
Presentations and reports from some recent IHY workshops are available from the IHY Resources Page.
Many nations have identified National Outreach Coordinators. Please consider supporting and participating in local outreach activities.
If you are interested in serving as an IHY National Coordinator, please contact us at
IHY Education and Public Outreach
There are a wide range of IHY Outreach and Education activities, and all are welcome to participate. Please see the IHY Education and Public Outreach Home Page.

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