Training Week

Student Application for the Training Week and IRI Workshop

Application form must be completed for each participant with following documents in pdf: 

1) One-page curriculum vitae with a list of publications (if any). If applicable, indicate here your experience in ionospheric monitoring, ionospheric data analysis, and programming languages.
2) Half-page research statement about how the attendance at this workshop would benefit your future research.
3) One letter of recommendation: e.g. from your supervisor, head of department or a professional researcher who knows you or your work well. The letters of recommendation should address your suitability for the workshop, the facilities which will be available to you when you return home, and your fluency in the English language.

Key Dates
28 February
15 March

There is no registration fee for attendance at the workshop. Participants will be accepted by the Selection and Organizing Committees mainly on the basis of their qualifications and the likely benefit to their research from participation.

The accommodation and food will be fully covered by the organizers, however, for the airfare, depending on the total budgets, partial cost (rather than full cost) of airfare may only be covered. Although not mandatory, it will be a positive gesture if your institution is willing to partially (or fully) cover the airfare.


8 May 2023 Jang Yeongsil Hall


  • ※ The lecture room is located at the Jangyoungsil-Hall (TBD) in the KASI.
  • ※ Fast Internet (Wi-Fi for laptops in the lecture room) will be available at the workshop venue.


  • English

List of Successful Applicant

will be uploaded on 15 March 2023

Lecture Notes

will be uploaded after training session